Question:  I've believed in the existence of Jesus ever since I was a child, doesn't that make me a Christian?

Answer: To believe that Jesus exists is certainly a starting point but in terms of that having any effect as to how God relates to me it's of little or no effect. To believe in the existence of something or someone is just me agreeing with history, with evidence or with stated fact. If you were to be diagnosed with a life threatening disease like cancer, it would not be enough to just believe in the existence of medical tecniques or the history of cancer prevention, it would take your active enquiry and then the applying of a course of treatment in order to be rescued. It's the same with Jesus, knowing that He exists won't change the relationship that you have with God, knowing and believing in His existence won't bring a forgiveness of sin from God. A Christian is a person who has a belief in the exiistence of Jesus and then has called out to Jesus in faith, asking Him to be their Savior, their Lord, their God. Have a look at Romans 10:2-11 and Ephesians 2:8,9.

Question: I read my Bible almost every day and I go to church as often as I am able. What else do I need to do that God would accept me?

Answer: It's amazing to me that of all the names that God would choose to use to describe Himself to those who would live by faith in Jesus.... of all the names and titles that He could rightfully use... He chose the term 'Father'. It describes how He sees Himself in relation to us, it is a term of connection and also affection. To read your Bible and attend church regularly is good, you should be doing that if you are a Christian, but to think of these things as gaining you greater acceptance with God is a misunderstanding. When you placed your faith in Jesus as the only One who can save you eternally, you became a child in God's family and just as we understnad a healthy family, you don't need to earn acceptance of a fathers' love. Let what you do as good Christian behavior and discipline come as result of knowing that you are as accepted right now by God the Father as much as you ever could  be... and it's because of the deep acceptance of the Father for Jesus which is now extended to us through Him. Consider the words of 1 Corinthians 5:17-21 and also Galatians 4:1-7.

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