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3400 BC - Adam and Eve were God’s first chosen people. They are the first to whom God covenants His promise of curse or blessing, referred to as the Edenic Covenant.

3400… BC – Adam and Eve choose to disobey God’s covenant with them, they sin and God now establishes a second covenant that speaks of the consequences of sin, referred to as the Adamic Covenant.

2400 BC –Things degenerated and Noah and his family were chosen, Noah was the next person to whom God covenanted His promises (Noahic Covenant).

2401 BC – The Flood is over, Noah and his wife; Shem, Ham, Japheth and their wives are now God’s chosen people to follow through on the Noahic Covenant.

2100 BC- Abram leaves Haran and comes to Caanan, he is now God’s chosen person.God now covenants with Abram, (Abrahamic Covenant), and changes his name to Abraham. * It’s been suggested that this is the beginning of the 430 years of captivity before they come into the Promised land. (Exodus 12:40,41; Gal. 3:16-18)

2061 BC – Ishmael is born through Hagar at the request of Sarah

2060 BC – Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed

2059 BC - When Abraham was 100 and Sarah almost as old, Isaac is born by Sarah, he becomes the chosen line for the fulfillment of God’s promises.

2050 BC – Isaac is taken by Abraham to be sacrificed on Mt. Moriah (future Temple Mount)

2000 BC – Isaac’s children are Jacob and Essau, Jacob becomes God’s chosen instrument.

1910 BC – Jacob is renamed by God, he is now called Israel.

1890 BC – Jacob has 12 sons, from these the 12 tribes of Israel developed. Joseph is sold into slavery.

1880 BC – Joseph given power over Egypt by Pharaoh because of God’s blessing through dreams. Jacob, now called Israel, moves he and his 11 other sons to Egypt under Joseph.

1880-1450 BC – Joseph dies and the descendents of Israel, the 12 brothers grow in number to over 2 million. (Some see the 430 year period as being just in the slavery to Egypt)

1510 BC – Moses is born, avoids decree of Pharaoh to have male children slaughtered, Pharaoh’s daughter raises Moses, he now becomes God’s chosen instrument.

1490 BC – Moses kills an Egyptian guard in defense of slaves, flees to Midian , lives in desert for 40 years

1450 BC – Moses leads the nation of Israel out of Egypt on the night of Passover, a picture and promise of deliverance by the Lamb of God fulfilled in Christ.

1410 BC – Israel led by Moses spends 40 years in the deserts of Sinai. Joshua now becomes leader, he brings the people into the Promised Land.

1398 BC – Conquest of Caanan is now complete (for the most part)

1350 BC – Israel now governed by Judges… Deborah, Gideon and many others.

1140 BC – The book of Ruth takes place

1100 BC – Eli, one of the Judges of Israel, raises up Samuel, Hannah’s child of, one of the last Judges.

1040 BC – King Saul becomes Israel’s first king, he is now God’s chosen instrument .

1000 BC – David becomes king of Israel, he is now the chosen one through whom God covenants His promises to Israel. (The Davidic Covenant which Christ ultimately fulfills)

966 BC – Solomon becomes king of Israel and builds the first Temple.

922 BC – The kingdom of Israel is split by civil war after Solomon’s death, now the southern part is called Judah and generally has godly kings over it; the northern part is referred to as Israel and generally has godless kings rule over it.

720 BC – Assyria attacks the northern kingdom of Israel and takes it captive and displaces them

620 BC – Babylon conquers Assyria and then takes the southern kingdom of Judah captive and displaces them.

580 BC – The Temple is destroyed by the Baylonians, there are three waves of deportation, after the third wave the Temple is destroyed.

606 -536 BC – These are approximately the 70 years of captivity that Jeremiah spoke of and which Daniel recognized. (Jer. 25:1-38) (Dan.9:2)

538 BC – Israel begins to return to Jerusalem led by Zerubbabel and rebuilds the altar of the Temple

520 BC – The Temple is rebuilt

485 BC – Esther becomes queen in Persia and is used by God to save the Jewish peoples.

457 BC – Ezra, the scribe and priest, returns to Jerusalem to lead the spiritual revival of the people.

444 BC – Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem and leads in the physical and political reform

440 BC – Malachi aids in the spiritual recovery of the people.

400 BC to 0, the birth of Christ… this is a time called the inter Testamental silence, not until Zacharias speaks of the birth of John the Baptist and of Christ ( Luke 1) is there a record of God using a prophet in the world for the past 400 years. The New Covenant is about to be!

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